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CSA-PrepStar Testimonials

CSA-PrepStar Testimonials!

See what student-athletes and parents have said about our service, commitment, success, professionalism and total dedication to what we do. We have been serving intercollegiate athletics since 1981....and as these testimonials prove....it shows!

"It seems like just yesterday when we first met over the phone last winter to discuss the possibility of retaining you and CSA to assist Toure' in obtaining a scholarship to a university of her preference. I am certainly happy today that we decided to enlist your efforts and for the significant success that resulted. Toure' was offered athletic partial or near fullĘscholarships at four schools. Toure's athletic scholarship to Nortwood covers all annual tuition, room, meal plan, books ahd health insurance, except $2,500, which we expect to be covered by a grant in the next few weeks. I will be more than happy to assist you or CSA in the local area by way of a referrence."

    Mark L. Galligan, Parent
"When Doug came to our house and made his presentation, I was really skeptical that he was really going to do THAT much work. I knew my son was a good athlete, I just needed someone to market him. So I gave it a shot and Doug has been great! He's done all that he promised and more. The key is the amount of colleges that CSA is able to contact regarding my son. The biggest problem now is that we have received letters from what seems like a hundred colleges, and we're completely overwhelmed by the response. Beware!"
    Doug Dahlblom, Stillwater
"As you know, Marty signed his National Letter of Intent with the University of Oregon. I am writing you to thank CSA for helping Marty reach his dreams of receiving an athletic scholarship and competing in the PAC 10."
    Tim Murphy, Parent-Santa Rosa
"To say thank you for what you have done for us would not be enough. We are deeply indebted to you for placing our son, Travis, at USC. Given the circumstances and the short time in which you had to work with placing him there was a near miracle."
    Bart and Ginny Hall, Parent-Los Angeles
"I had heard of athletic resume services before in a very vague way but I never would have used one if not for the very informative presentation by Doug. I just knew that we needed to get my daughter more exposure, and I knew we weren't getting it from the high-school coaches. I was really getting frustrated with the lack of exposure she was getting. What really appealed to me is the third-party element of using an athletic resume service. I think it lends quite a lot of credibility to the exposure if it comes from a nationally respected, independent company like CSA-PrepStar. Hiring Doug has been great. I know Jennifer has been invited to participate in elite camps and has received letters as a direct result of Doug's work. I believe CSA is the perfect service, and Doug's low-key approach and personal attention he gives to the kids is very much appreciated."
    Mario Cocchiarella, St. Bernard's
"Collegiate Sports of America is the best investment we have made into our son's future. If a family is looking for help in obtaining a scholarship they could do no better than CSA."
    Tom Leppard, Parent-Los Angeles
"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided for my family and I during our college search. Through your services, I have received attention from many schools which I had previously not considered applying to. I am thrilled to say that because of CSA I will now be attending Cornell University next Fall."
    Chris Johnsen, Student-Athlete
"Thank you for all the exposure and recognition you have given DeWayne with your recruiting service. DeWayne has excepted a full-ride Scholarship to the University of Nebraska to play football and baseball for the cornhuskers. Your service proved to be of great value for DeWayne and our family!"
    Lisa Long, Parent
"I wanted to express my thanks to you for your efforts in helping my son, Kevin, acheive his dream and earn a golf scholarship at the University of San Francisco. I relize firsthand how difficult the process is for coaches and for athletes. Your efforts in helping connect Kevin with the USF program were critical in his successful quest."
    Ed Coghlan, Parent
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