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Matt Gilmore
Parent of CSA PrepStar Student-Athlete

"Just weeks after Dani’s profile was distributed to colleges nationwide, we began receiving emails and letters of interest. Dani has now received correspondence from over 70 Division I programs. Dani has received numerous scholarship offers and recently accepted a full-ride athletic scholarship to Oregon State. CSA has turned into a $150,000 gift for our family. I can’t say enough for what you have done for Dani and her future and I highly recommend CSA to any family that is looking for the very best for their child. "


CSA-Prepstar broadcasts

csa-prepstar athletes in the news

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CSA & Aaron Rogers:

“Even NFL Pro-Bowl Quarterback Aaron Rogers needed CSA’s help getting connected to Cal.”

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Austin Lentz Commits to Indiana:

“Congratulations to Austin Lentz of Wakulla High School who recently committed to Indiana University!”