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Get Recruited with CSA-PrepStarTM (Click Here)

Since 1982, the CSA-PrepStar team has helped tens of thousands of qualified student-athletes obtain athletic scholarships and financial aid for college. CSA has more than 11,000 college coaches registered in our Coaches Database that receive daily information from CSA on top prospects from around the country. Got Game? Get Recruited!SM

Prospect Evaluation with the csaQualifierTM (Click Here)

Are you qualified as a CSA-PrepStar college prospect? Take our quick test and find out for yourself how you stack up against the nation's best prospects in your sport!

College Matching with the csaMatcherTM (Click Here)

Ever wondered how many college opportunities there are for the sport you compete in? Find out now with the csaMatcherTM.

View Your CSA-Prepstar Profile View Your Profile (Members Only)

Already a CSA prospect? You can enter here to view your personal Player Profile with CSA. College coaches have access to your information 24/7, so be sure that your profile is complete and up-to-date with the latest information you have.

Video Highlights with csaStreamer servicesTM (Click Here)

CSA-PrepStar offers our student-athletes the latest in streaming video technology, allowing you to showcase your special skills and talents to thousands of college coaches nationwide with the csaStreamerTM. VIEW THE LIVE DEMO!

  CSA-PrepStar Student Center

The Pyramid of Success (Click Here)

Build a solid foundation for success with Coach John Wooden's (Head Basketball Coach, Emeritus, UCLA) Pyramid of Success

Academic Resources (Click Here)

Visit the CSA-PrepStar Student Center and receive volumes of information on how to better prepare yourself for college as a student. Academics First!

College Tuition Finder (Click Here)

Find out what it costs - Search for your specific type of institution and your desired program by geographic region, state, city or zip code.

Take the College Campus Tour (Click Here)

Visit your favorite college or university in our virtual college world!


NCAA Recruiting Guidelines and Academic Requirements

Visit your favorite college or university in our virtual college world! (Click Here)

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete (Click Here)


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